Monday, March 2, 2009

may the force be with you

and it was! as mentioned on a previous entry i belong to a internet card swap group that ahs a different topic each month. this month was boy's cards which i often find quite tricky. so imagine my surprise when i found this idea and adpted it to my own. i had a ball making this card. firstly i found a simple darth colouring in picture off the net and cut it into 2 peices. then i cut the peices out of black card, splodged versamark ink all over and covered the peices with black embossing powder. then i heat gunned it and made it all shiny and plastic looking-just like darth. i suppose gloss black card would do the same job but i didn't have any :> then i outlined darth oh so handsome features with a silver gel pen. i tried white but it didn't stand out as well. i stuck the hat down with 3d tape and the face with dst. then i printed out a favourite darth saying onto gloss white card. i stuck the whole lot down onto some blue bayou card stock which i prettied up with some star stamps in taken with teal ink. all in all i was quite pleased with the result although a dozen darth vaders staring at me on my desk is a little scarey hahahahahaha. if you want the template for this card please contact me here or at and i am happy to share :>

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yvonne said...

oh wow, these are great!