that really cool card and instructions

because i have been slightly inundated (i.e. i can't keep up with all the friendly emails or track of them as some of them have been hiding away in my junk email box-eek!)by all of you lovely crafty people wanting the directions for my secret santa card i thought i had better put the directions up here for you all to beg, borrow or create with :>

these instructions always come with a disclaimer: i am crap at instructions but please feel free to follow these ones at your peril rofl.

I have a score-pal to make it easier. If you don’t then you will need a ruler with inches or use your su paper trimmer with a bone folder in the groove instead of a blade. Does that make sense?
Here’s a dodgey diagram to help you-hopefully yours will be measured a bit better than my pretend one-eek!
Use a 12x12 card and score in 3’ from each side(red). Then on each corner score a line (green). Then score another line at the intersection (yellow). Find the middle and put a tiny pencil mark there so you know where to fold :> (purple). Fold all corners into the centre dot and then fold top corner (green) out. Unfold and turn over. Punch around edges using border punches if you want or leave plain like me. Then fold all sides to centre and re-open. Make sure you use your bone folder to get really crisp folds. Then you just fold it into itself if that makes sense? I have shown on the diagram that the blue blobs should be mountain folds and the pink x should be valley folds. Hope that makes sense? If my instructions are a bit crap (which really doesn’t surprise me and i really wont be offended lol) please go to and ask Odette for the instructions as they are where my secret santa got them from and hers may be easier for you to understand

Have fun and hope this helps
Cheers ears

ps i have since found out that this card is officially called a napkin fold card-coll huh? anyways here is a tutorial on split coast stampers if you want a bit more detail :>