Thursday, June 17, 2010

noah's ark

i was invited to attend a baptism on the weekend of two good friends' children. not being very 'goddy' myself i was not comfortable doing anything with too many religious symbols etc so i thought about bible stories instead and came up with noah and his ark
so i made two little noah's arks with co-ordinating cards. i found the template for the ark card here and followed that to make a 3-d version. i also found these which i just have to share with you noah's ark cake noah's ark burger and let us not forget a real life real scale replica! oh my!
anyways back to what i did :>
on one side of the ark i added some chipboard letters and waves and the cute little whale from fox and friends and a photo of the recipient munchkin in the top window
on the other side of the ark i used the animal images from fox and friends in the windows and added waves using some of my stash paper
here is the top of the ark showing where i have cut a slit in the top so it can be used as a money box i actually stuck a flap onto the house bit so it can be raised up and down
down below are the templates and mesurements of the various bits if you want to use my idea. please say hi and post up a link so i can see what you have done :>
this bit is the bottom that goes under the ark. it may need a bit of trimming on the edges but it is a 29cm (approx) by 8cm peice of card. this bit is the floor of the ark-it goes on top of the base but is the floor for the little house bit...did that make sense? it is a 16cm by 8cm peice with a 2cm edge to it so it is really a 20cm x 12cm sheet lol but you have to fold in and score at 1 cm if that makes sense when finishing it offand attaching it to the hull i stuck a centimetre strip of matching card stock all the way around to strengthen it and tidy it up i'm not very good at instructions am i? lmao this peice is the little house bit on the top. it is27cm long and you will need to score at 4cm, 12cm, 16cm, 24cm the top of the triangle is 8cm and the rest is 4cm high (i didn't add that to the picture-oops!) this is the roof of the house. 13cm which includes 2x 1cm for flaps. i also added strips to the side of the roof to make it look prettier the sides where made using a 16cm x 81/2cm peice of card and then putting my dst roll along one side and using that to give it some curve. it was flexible enough for me to make it fit the curve i wanted lol i added tabs to it so it would stick easier to the bottom part. make sure you cut 2 of these out or your ark will sink faster than the titanic!!! okies hope this is useful and you make loads of these cheers ears


Whimcees said...


This is wonderful! How genius and creative! I love it! :<) Great project!

Wishing you a good day today!

Barbara Diane

my info said...

oh my i LOVE IT!!! you are so little noah would adore thinking my to try & do list is getting longer because of your blog! lol thanks!!

Crafty Cow said...

thanks gals! :> your comments make me smile

Carolyn said...

Hi Claire you are such a clever chickadee the parents and child must be wraped with this super cool Baptism gift. I love your original ideas and punch art! Hope to meet you in person soon (through Michelle) take care
Caz :)

Michelle said...

Ah, don't I surround myself with talent!?? LOL, between you and Ryn I'm in great company!