Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a bit of a catch up

i thought i had better show some stuff i had done earlier before i showed some new stuff. i did a few workshops with these dinky little cd cases recently. they are great for mini albums, storing circle cards, or...gasp...shock..horror...as cd cases..who would have thought? lol!!!! they are very easy to make and embellish. all they are, are patterned paper (su bali breeze dsp), some flowers (su flower fusion), some brads (su rhinestones)and beads (su pretties kit). i also added some basic black card stock that i had punched with the scallop edge punch and (although impossible to see-you will have to take my word for it!!) i then stabbed stitching holes on the top to add some faux stitching on it. paper was stuck down with sticky strip (OMG that stuff is sooooooooooo sticky!! waaaaaaaaaay better than bog standard dst for otp stuff) and the flowers were done with tombow (which is also my new favourite glue btw). my next project was to pretty up my card album. i take this album out to demos to show people the variety of cards i make for demos and workshops. i also show it as an example of what else you can do with stamps. a lot of people think it is just cards that stampin up do and for me anyways it is waaaay more than that. in fact cards play a very small part in what i use the stamps for. i love using them with polymer clay..i must take photos of the stuff i do to show you...whoever you are that is reading this :) can't just be my hubby lol it is just a $2 album from top dollar with a clear plastic front. i stamped a back ground and added some white embossed letters to it. i cuttlebugged some butterflies and added some lace and ribbon to the spirals on the spine. inside i just aded a stamped back ground to add to the front page without it being too ott. okies better go and pack...only 15 days to go before we are in our own little house and less than 30 days before we meet our latest bundle of joy... cheers ears

Knowledge is a sacred cow, and my problem will be how we can milk her while keeping clear of her horns.

-Szent-Gyo« rgyi, Albert von Nagyrapolt

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