Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yes i am here!!!!!

yeah yeah yeah i know...oober slack blogger here but i have some great excuses!! 1. I am pregnant. Need I say more? :) 2. I am a mummy to a 5, 4, and 1 1/2 year old. Busy busy busy. 3. I am moving house!!! woohoo!!!! and all that that entails-sorting, packing, sorting, packing, shifting, packing blah blah blah-you get the picture...... 4.'ll think of another one later hehehehehehe anyways i have been at the Stampin Up 2009 convention in Canberra where i got super inspired and met a whole lot of interesting and amazing ladies (mainly). it was so cool. i had a ball and came home refreshed and ready and rearing to go. if you are reading this and went to convention 2009 please say hi!!! before that though i have been making cards once again for my essential baby card swap. this time it was girl birthday cards and the special technique was paper peircing. i have also been making it a special thing of my own to use up all my non-su stash hanging around as i seem to have an awful lot of it...sssssshhhhhh....don't tell my hubby...sssshhhhhhh here are the cards inspired by little miss purple hahahaha. strangely the card stock is exactly the same colour in real life but photos different. ah well. the hands move around and were put on seperately from the body. eyes are apunch and the mouth is half a circle punch. these were fun to make. okies that's me for now cheers ears Everyone is nice till the cow gets into the garden” irish proverb

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