Friday, February 12, 2010

cards for men

lets face it
masculine / male/ men cards are a complete arse to do, i find. little boy cards are easy peasy but when they grow up they start to become harder to please.
being the girl that i am i always end up making them look a bit too 'gay' thankfully i have my hubby who has his gaydar on and happily lets me know if my masculine cards aren't manly enough lol so here are some i made recently. see if you can spot the one that made hubby's gaydar go off lol
put your guess in the comments section and if it is the right one then i'll send some masculine themed card/scrapbooking embellishments your way. cheers ears


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll guess - perhaps the one with the red stripe and the ribbon and buttons? Jo Tracey

Michelle said...

geez! you've been a busy girl! I think it might be the third one from the top. Very clean, very elegant. Very not messy!
Keep up the production, you're on fire!

Crafty Cow said...


keep guessing

see obviously our gaydar isn't working lol