Sunday, May 2, 2010

beware the dinosaurs!!!

my son is off to a 5 year old boy's kinder party today the little boy in question loves dinosaurs apparently so thought that we would heplp him out with his fixation lolhere is his gift-all home amde and has come from my stash. we made him some dinosaur shoes made from cans that were covered with greeen craft foam glued on very firmly with tombow. i poked a hole through the sides and put string through so there was a handle. ben also insisted that dino had toenails..... the mask was made using craft foam as well all cut out to it's proper shape and then glued down. ben's head was used as a template so i am hoping that birthdya boy isn't a different size hahahaha the gift bag was a recycled one from one of the kids parties. i just stuck an a4 peice of paper down and attached a punch art dino and a spare tree. here's the card i made for him. the punch art t-rex used embossed paper that had been daubered the grass is also an embossing folder and so is the sky i stamped the happy everything set on to it. i hope he liked it cheers ears

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Louise Sutton said...

WOW! These are fantastic! Well done Clare. I bet they were a big hit with the Birthday Boy.