Sunday, May 23, 2010

convention 2010 highlights

what an awesome time i had it was lovely meeting so many demos and friends and being inspired by all the wonderful ideas and people here are some photo highlights of some of the swaps and ideas i came across earrings swap made by carolyn bennie table centrepeices at awards dinner shelley gardner-ceo of stampin up amy, michelle, joss, kay and me sticking a designer eyelet into a sweet cup swaps board swaps board swap with fabric by lucia visentin easel card swap by patrice such a beautiful flower by jodie price a lollie bag from pauline a 3d flower from kimmy a candle disguised as alollipop from kathy faulkner a handmade notebook from adele a lollie bag from jossleen crane a pendant notes bag beautiful violets from danielle plus many many many more beautiful designs and ideas this is merely a handful hello to everyone i met and swapped and said hello to it was lovely to share convention 2010 with you all being a demo and getting to be poart of all this coolness is just awesome let me know if you are interested in joining up this month stampin up have a special for new recruits in the form of new in-colour bundles-how cool is that? take care


Anonymous said...

How quick are you? Just off the train and all photos and info just like that. I love the photos you have posted, the work put into making the swaps was amazing. Very talented ladies and Clare it looks great.
Kay Jacob (Did not know how to do anything else so it says anonymous but I am not)

Carolyn Gibbs said...

I hear I was about the con in absentia! Though I cannot imagine that Ryn-on-a-stick is much fun!!! :) YAY for posting goodies so I can see already! YIPPPPPEE!

Michelle said...

Oh yes Ryn, in a gorgeous shade of "green with envy" too! Glad to have you there in spirit and it was great to be able to nab you a few goodies. You'll be there with bells on next year!!
xx michelle

Pauline said...

Hi Clare!
Thanks for my Steve Irwin card - you are totally doing your own thing, and that's what it's all about!
Thanks for posting the picture of my candy hearts! Let me know if you really make some (I did two batches - the cheaper icing sugar didn't handle as well, so there's a tip for you).