Saturday, May 29, 2010

punching winnie the pooh out!

man i sound so violent! my stampin up buddy dani asked me if i had a winnie the pooh punch art ideas hmmmmm but i did have awinnie the pooh hiding somewhere in my idea box so off i went to find him he wasn't at owl's tree or at piglets instead he was lurking in a jar of hunny hope you like him here's a run down of the punches used: use summer sun and real red card stock 11/4" circle for head 1/2" circle for ears half a 11/4" circle for snout a snippet of a black word window for the nose 4 x word windows for arms and legs large tag for t-shirt 1 3/8" square for sleeves wide oval for his belly now all i have to do is make his friends and we are all sorted let me know if you have any ideas or know where i can find inspiration to make all his friends from the 100 acre wood cheers ears


Ellen Kemper said...

If it helps, I have done several Pooh characters from punches.





and Pooh

Christine Tuff said...

I was just about to suggest Ellen's blog (above)! Her Pooh characters are awesome!!!