Monday, July 26, 2010

cool cats

my eldest turns 7 this august and has asked for a animal themed birthday party phew nice and eeeeasy! her favourite animal is a cat so her invites were sent out yesterday looking like this
the cat itself was copied off a babushka doll template i had lol and i added the slit punch for arms cake was made from square punch scallop edge punch plus its little leftover line candles were a square punch cut into about 5 strips wiht the flames made from cutting a small heart in half
here are the cats all made up and ready to be re-homed! i have a couple spare so the first 3 people to email me what the collective name for a group of cats is will be sent one! cheers ears


Carolyn Gibbs said...

Oh, by far the most appropriate I googled was a "Nuisance of Cats"!

Kristen said...

I liked 'Clutter' of cats - sounds like my place!
The other I found that I liked was a 'pounce' I thought that was cute!

Anonymous said...

Clare, I believe the collective name for a group of cats more than one would be "TOO MANY"!!!!!!! Love your creativity. Blessings, MaryS