Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 days of christmas coming soon


Did you know that Christmas is coming? 
Less than a month to go. 

Join me here on my blog 
from December the 1st 
for 12 days of fabulous Christmas ideas.

I have got cards, gifts, recipes and decoration ideas for this holiday season.

Remember to leave a comment on my blog 
or on facebook and 
go in to win some lovely Christmas goodies made by me!

Tell your friends all about me and how cool I am 
to help me reach 50 blog followers 
or 200 likes on facebook 
so I can give away more lovely home made stuff in this season of giving.

Looking forward to seeing you all

cheers ears


Carolyn said...

Hey Crafty Cow/Beautiful talented crafty lady
I loved hanging out with you on Sat, you are a contagiously bubbly and happy gal which is awesome would love to spend more time with you. Your Rocky Road is divine am taking it to my team meeting on Wed and give cudos to you! My special little tin and mini book is treasured and has inspired me no end. I spet yest working on xmas projects. Thanks also for the Summer min share lots of love Caz xx

Anonymous said...

Co pěkné místo. Jsem opravdu rád čtení těchto typů nebo předměty. Můžu? T dočkat, až uvidím, co ostatní říkají.

Anonymous said...

Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?