Friday, January 28, 2011

thank you!

whilst i was away on holiday i was awarded a stylish blogger award from richelle
i have to say i am quite chuffed. it is always nice to have one
so thank you very much richelle-it was a lovely surprise to come home to
and an awesome way to start my new creative year :>

now part of this award is also to tell 8 things about me....
i have blue eyes
my favourite colurs are orange and blue
i got proposed to on top of the eiffel tower by my hubby
i am a kiwi but i don't like hokey pokey ice cream...sacrilige i know!!
cold apple cider on a hot afternoon is my drink of choice 
i bite my nails
i think sunflowers rock
 i hate seeing clothing tags sticking out the back of clothes
now the best part
nominate 8 styley bloggers who i think should get this award

last day of the school holidays here
am busy writing up my resume-time to dust off the teacher hat and get back into the classroom
wish me luck!

cheers ears


Richelle said...

Ur welcome!! :)

Carolyn said...

Thanks Clare welcome home! What a lovely surprise to get this from you - now tell me do I just save the pic of the award and post on my blog and pass onto 8 people? So cute this blogworld! Had a great day at Michelles yesterday - I love creating! Good luck with applying for jobs?.... love Caz x

Kathy Bradley said...

Thanks, Clare - what a nice surprise! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and much fun! Again, thanks so much, my sweet friend! Hugs to you!