Thursday, February 10, 2011

hi ho hi ho

it's off to school they go

as part of that whole 'it's the start of school year and we must be organised" thing
i made up some bag labels for my kids after pricing real ones
 and nearly fainted whilst shouting "are they for real?!"

fairly simple, plenty of info and hopefully will stay stuck to their bags for at least a week rofl

I made them with scraps of paper i had and added peice of white card with a stamp of their choice on it. i used all my old school stamps i used to have in my classroom mainly and then laminated them.
i crop-a-diled a hole and stuck some ribbon through.

here they are on the big kids bags ready to go to school.

here are some extras I have over.
if you live in australia and want one for your bag or your child's please leave a comment on here 
and i'll send the one you want out to you!

cheers ears


Karen said...

Great idea Clare, have you had any enquiries when pick up the kids.

clare mcilhatton said...

not yet :>