Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day gift

mother's day for me is generally a sleep in, breakfast in bed, followed by a lazy day of reading/crafting.
hubby usually takes the merry band of midgets off to a park for a few hours while i chillax.
for the last couple of years i also remember my own mum who passed away 2 years ago. 
i miss ringing her on this special day that used to share.
today was no different

however i did spend a moment of it to remember that i do have another mum-my lovely mother-in-law and a fantastic granny to the kidlets.
so i made her this.
 it is a chalkboard! the black background is chalkboard paper-how cool is that?
i also added a picture and some chipboard, flowers and ribbon.
now all i have to do is post it off to her in new zealand.
my eldest wrote her a note on it-i just hope it doesn't smudge too much in the post :>

cheers ears

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