Friday, June 17, 2011

peppa pig

around 5pm every evening there is a resounding shout of PIG PIG through out our home
Niamh is usually running towards the tv as the dulcet tones of peppa pig ring through our home
it is her favourite programme and the world stops for the 10 minutes it is on while niamh is engrossed in every word uttered from the tip of peppas little piggy mouth

so this is for niamh
and a tutorial for you!
 you will need some poppy parade, pretty in pink, black and white card
you will also need
13/8" circle punch (head and sue for template for dress)
large oval punches-thin and fat (nose, ears)
boho blossoms punch (shoes)
owl punch (eyes)
and a spiral punch (tail)
(or failing that you can do the pig's tail from cutting around a 3/4" circle)
check out the picture above to see what i did with them!
 make the hands by drawing on the wrong side with a pen and then cutting around
stick on arm in front and one behind
(soemthing i noticed to do after i had made the first one lol)
 hopefully it will look a bit like this-or better!
 stick oval to head and add nose. then add ears and eyes
 draw around the face with a pink passion pen (or something similar)
mouth is real red and the cheek is pixie pink
 and voila!

peppa pig in all her glory!

but she is a bit boring all by herself so put her on a card
here she is on a bright sunny day with flowers
she also likes jumping in muddy puddles:>

keep an eye out for the rest of her family coming soon :>

cheers ears

eta if you have never met peppa...check out this link to her


Dani Fender said...

Awesome! I'll have to show the girls. When Peppa pig starts in our house you hear both of them snorting like a pig its so cute. And they LOVE Peppa too. I also don't mind it

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

That is perfect! My kids love Peppa *oink* But I am creating Octonuats tonight. lol. Your Peppa is just brilliant, looks exactly like her. *oink* Thanks for the tutorial. *oink* x

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Clare, this is AWESOME! You inspire me, girl!

Dotty Jo said...

This is great! Jo x

Kathy Bradley said...

You do great punch art, Clare. I've never heard of Peppa Pig - but she sounds adorable!