Friday, July 1, 2011

diamonds are a girl's best friend

i prefer sapphires myself

however this week i find myself making a diamond fold card for a card swap
and found that this tutorial was great but it was not suited to my sized card stock
so i made one up for you using a4 card and not a ruler in sight! 
 although you may want a bone folder to get those folds nice and crispy
  get an a4 sheet of card and cut down the middle
 fold in half gently-you just want the middle bits as a guide really for the next bit of folding.
 fold 1 side half a paper aeroplane wing
 then do the other side-haha! a paper aeroplane!
 unfold all your hard work thus far
 turn it over and fold it the same way again
 tada-another paper aeroplane!
 unfold all your hard work AGAIN!
fold down the ends
-use the previous folds as your guide
  squish them together making a valleys and mountains fold
 see what i mean? do both ends
 flick it onto its front and it should look like this
and the back bit should look like this

now all you gotta do is make it all purdy and noice and lovely
stay tuned to see what i did with mine

cheers ears


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Love the pic tutorial. memorised it. going to do it. Thanks!

bird said...

It's a nice idea!
It is like a ORIGAMI,paper folding, of Japan.