Tuesday, December 13, 2011

customized xmas decorations

sooooo easy
soooooo quick
and they look good too!!!
 master 6 insisted on posing with his one!!!
check out that tongue!!
 so each year i make/buy a xmas ornament for each kid
i date it and put their name on it so they have a collection of decorations all of their own to use when they finally move out of home and have their own celebrations
i know some of my favourite xmas decorations are the ones my parents kept of mine from my childhood.

so how did i make them?
firstly i got a silver bauble and tied a silver bell to the top.
then i tied a ribbon around the middle and added a silver snowflake to the ribbon with a glue dot
then i added a glittery silver letter ( for their name)
lastly i added a tag in the shape of a love heart with the date on it 

took me all of 20 minutes and cost me maybe $1 each at a push

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