Sunday, March 25, 2012

book marks

i admit to being a bit of a bookaholic
especially anything sci-fi or fantasy based
and i always seem to be reading 5 books at once
1 by the bed
1 in the car
1 in the other car
1 in my handbag
1 in the toilet hehehehehe

and i am forever losing my place even though i turn the pages over
so i thought i had better get a book mark or 2...or 5...
and really let's face it tissues and parking tickets are just not as pretty as one you have made yourself :>

so a bit of embossing powder, 
some punched out butterflies, 
some brads, 
a label die cut, 
some beads, some ribbon,
and voila!!!
now i have some pretty book marks

cheers ears

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