Saturday, June 23, 2012

christmas in july

what's july without a little bit of christmas?
it's cold here in australia...and snowing not very far away...
so its a bit like a northern hemisphere xmas instead of a scorching summers day around the bbq :>
so how about a xmas santa cat?
he is very cute and easy to make

check out the instructions below
the 5-petal flower is used for the ears-just cut off 1 petal and halve it to get a pair of ears.
to get the white trim on the santa suit, just cut the scallop pennant into thirds.
for his tail take off all but the last leaf on the bird punch.
for the tree i used the perfect pennants die and crimped it and then added swoops of crystal effects.
i also added crystal effects to the boots, eyes and buttons. 

merry xmas!
ho ho ho

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