Saturday, April 6, 2013

welcome back chaps

well hello everyone

i'm baaaaack!
yes truely
you missed me i am sure

life got busy there for a while with me returning to the teaching workforce, moving house and generally having 4 kids keeping me busy. we now live in victoria, in a small town called traralgon about 2 hours south east of melbourne. it is a lot more chilled out than the big city of sydney and we feel very content here with the laid back pace of life.

i also got myself a new craft room. no more trying to take over sharing the man cave and i have a joyous little space of my own to play away in.

i am still doing my stampin' up thing... albeit a bit quietly at the moment. but there are some autumn scrapbooking kits available if you are quick. $10 single/$15 double plus postage-only available to ozzie peeps though due to su guidelines.

i am also available to give demos of our stuff plus stampin' up have finally brought out online ordering...which is cool. so you can order stuff online and put my name down as your preferred demo. i kinda like that :>

there has also been like a zillion changes to stampin' up stuff since i was last on here. there is a colour renovation coming, my digital studio (aka mds) has arrived and a hoarde of new goodies to give you crafty goosebumps.

so hang in htere, stay tuned and we'll try and sort you out with some news, ideas and my exciting life lol

cheers ears

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