Tuesday, June 11, 2013

board gaming jewellery

hubby is an avid board gamer
he loves board gaming as much as i love papercrafts
just sayin'

we have just spent a weekend away at border-con...a meet up of over 100 gamers and families at the nsw/victoria border over a long weekend. it is awesome!!!!!

during the weekend we raise funds for a charity of choice. this year it was for chronic fatigue syndrome and we raised over $2500 which was amazing!!! to do my little bit i contributed several geek inspired craft things for the raffle.
 earrings based on gaming cubes
 earrings based on a monopoly house
cufflinks inspired by the sheep for wood cry that tends to go on a bit during a settlers of cattan game lol

if you are interested in aquiring any of these items i am happy to make some for a $5 donation to the chronic fatigue organisation. contact me at clare@crafty-cow.com for your gaming inspired jewellery

cheers ears

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Melissa said...

Clare, these (and the yoda and dalek cards) were absolutely gorgeous. My Bigster loves her notebook! Thank you so much for your support.
xxxxx Melissa