Wednesday, August 14, 2013

christmas ornament punch number one

you may have noticed i have quite an addiction to punches
just a small one

i also like to see what else my punch will do for me before buying it because quite frankly having a one-use punch is a waste of money imho
a good punch has to ahve a multitude of uses
you should see my cupcake punch...i don't think i have ever actually used it as a cupcake lol...those dots on it are waay too useful for eyes and the top is an awesome cloud and...oh wait...i am writing about the new christmas ornament punch from stampin up now......back on track........

anyways the ornament punch
pretty ugly really
and the matching stamp set is ok
easy christmas card theme for you
but it is the punch that is truely fantabulous!
can't actually show it to you until september cos dems da rulz ok?
but i cna show you what you can make with it so you can order it straight away

 front of elephant
ornament punch-head, ears, tail
ticket duo-legs
circle-eyes, snout
word window-trunk
inside ears-oval
 see how i have stuck it together on the back.
ssssh but check out the tail...
it is the shape of a penis mwahahahaahahaaha 
perfect for a hen's party invite 
lololol snort chuckle chortle
 and here is the elephant on a card holding a ballooon
side view with the balloon sticking out on a wire for the string
stay tuned for more ideas for the ornament punch

cheers ears

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