Wednesday, October 2, 2013

embossing oops!!!

  you know THOSE  moments when you totally fuck stuff something up by spilling something on your work
normally it is water
or cola
or a stamp falls off its clear mount exactly where you didn't want it
someone little finds your embossing powders that you left on the craft table open and pours them into a big pile on that table and then makes lovely finger drawings with it...


you are so saying "oh no!!!!!!" right now aren't you?

to be fair i DID leave them out
and they are TERRIBLY SPARKLEY for little miss magpie


so what does one do with a large pile of mixed up embossing powders??

throw them out? well yes that is an option but i hate wasting stuff
so i figured i may as well make "stuff" with it and see what happens

so i got some inky backgrounds that i had made playing with watercolours, spritzing and ink refills and were particularly uninspiring.
i inked up a variety of stamps with versamark and randomly stamped stuff all over. then added the embossing powder a la katie
and heated it up.

it actually wasn't too bad.
then i made cards with the results...

cheers ears

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