Monday, November 11, 2013

simple paper christmas decorations

i recently made some REALLY simple christmas decorations from card

cut out 16 strips of card 20cm x 1cm and then 16 strips of card 5cm x 1cm
each lot in different colours
i stamped on mine but when it is finished you can't really tell unless you do it in a really bold ink
glue the ends of the longer ones and stick together to make a tear drop
next bit involves a hot glue gun and the way cool adhesive sheet from su.
blob a circle of glue in the middle
then stick all 16 tear drops down-i did it in a star pattern.
after that stick the other strips in the middle of the tear drops
stick another big blob of hot glue down and attach a scallop circle
flip it over and do the same
you can just stick circles down in different colours to finish off
or you can make it a bit fancier like i did and place an ornament punch on the front a la 3-d
then add glitter know...

cheers ears

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