Tuesday, January 21, 2014

how to make arms via punch art the crafty cow way :>

so yes
this is exactly what the title says lol
i often get asked how DID you do that?
so here is a small insight into how my brain works...scarey huh?
 here is a dress and an arm
the following is how to make the arm :>
 get a butterfly punch.
i used the large butterfly from su and punched out the top of the butterfly 
 then i am left with the punched out bit (add to scraps-although having said that it could be used as a head band/ribbon for a girl's head-are you seeing this as well?)
you want to keep the card with the punched out space
 place the punch back in and wriggle it around so you are about 3mm distance
(this changes on the chunkiness of your person's arms btw :>)
 punch it out and take that bit
ooooh now you have a shadow that looks like the sydney opera house:>
take the piece you have and cut off where i have coloured in with the blue
like this!!
unless, of course, you want weird crazy looking armpits and elbows......
not judging...honestly....:>

 then add cool stuff to your arm if you want it sticking out
i am quite partial to wine glasses and bling myself :>
 or just get that sassy thing going on and put it behind the back
(really good idea if the thought hands and fingers does your head in)
 or throw them out the front so they can hold something
like a present or flowers or a baby or whatever:>

i would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear how you make arms using punch art. 
please feel free to post your ideas/blogs/facebook pages in the comments section to share

cheers ears


Anonymous said...

Wow that's amazing! Love the way your brain works :D And now you've made me want to get the dress die! Gill x

KayJ said...

Clare this is amazing. How do you see these things when looking at the punches? The ladies are just beautiful and the wine glasses and pearls and perfect. I love whole lot. I would love to make this one for my friends as we are all turning 65 this year. If I could make 3 all at once then it would be easier and I could get started and finished by September. So when you release the tutorial I am buying it. Thanks for this it is great.

Helen Williams said...

Thanks for sharing Clare.
I wish I had seen this before I did ladies.