Tuesday, February 4, 2014

stampin up undefined stamps

 ever thought...
i wish i had a stamp that.....
had a cool cow on it
had a dalek on it?

well now you can!
stampin' up has thought of a coool way to get you EXACTLY the stamp you want/need/covet
meet the undefined stamp set

 it is a stamp carving kit
just like when you were in school and did lino cutting
but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more cooler and awesome and fun and....well yeah...you get the picture huh?
 this is the inside of the kit box-2 carving tools, pen, ideas, stamp base to carve into, wooden blocks, sticky backing to stick stamps to blocks
so how do you make one?
draw a picture (or find one, like i did, off the internet)

make it the right size, turn it over and rub pencil all over the back so you can transfer the image to the carving base
 then carve it out using the tools

 ink it up and stamp it!
 also works for daleks too :>

but a word of warning...because..well..you really don't want to know the frustrating reason i am sharing this with you...if you intend to have writing...make sure it is back to front ok...otherwise your word will be the wrong way around when you stamp it lmao

cheers ears

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