Saturday, April 26, 2014

card in a box

simple but cool
card in a box

there are heaps of tutorials out there on the www but i use my own
i get a 30x30 cm piece of card and cut at 15cm
then turn on its end and score at 7.5cm all the way along.
then score at 28, 21, 14 and 7cm
then cut off half the tab at the end. then all the other tabs halfway.
but i only fold 3 of the tabs and leave one standing up.
next i cut out 8 7x7cm pieces of dsp and stick to sides and flaps.
then i add 2 13x2cm strips scored 2cm from each end adn stick those inside the box
lastly i add the pretty stuff

here are some i have made this week for custom orders
most of this stuff is not stampin up 
so close your eyes if you start twitching

 moving house card
 rev head card
 purple coffee drinkers card with a retro feel
purple flowery mother's day card

these are all custom orders so feel free to order yours today

cheers ears

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