Tuesday, April 15, 2014

how to make a skylander pinata

this is eruptor
he is a skylander
my son wanted him as a pinata for his birthday
so we got a balloon
covered it with a layer of newspaper and glue
glue was half water/half pva
next layer was lined white paper

then another layer of newspaper
 when it was dry
(a good 24 hours seeing ti was pouring with rain here)
i also ahve to admit to
trying to speed up the drying process by
putting it near the oven as it cooled down
...bad move..
the balloon popped
and pinata imploded
like a black hole..
.so we had to start again...sigh
next layer was adding the arms, legs and fin using a cereal box and a heap of masking tape
arms were cones and legs were cylinders
then we covered all of that with lined paper
 when that had dried (24 hours-no oven...i learnt my lesson lmao)
 we glued down the crepe paper
this is easiest done by using a brush and paintign the glue onto teh pinata nd then adding the paper
complete pain in the butt doing it with your fingers
sticks every-freaking-where!

 addded eyes and mouth with coloured card and left it to dry for 24 hours
fin had yellow crepe paper over the red
arms were shoved full of newspaper and just the top bits had crepe paper shoved in and covered
nice sharp triangle teeth lol

 then i cut a small incision in the back of his head to squeeze the lollies in
 just like this-all the lollies were in packets 
so they didn't get all dirty when they fell on the floor
i put in about 6 different packets
 for each of the kids so 
eruptor weighed quite a bit 
by the time we were finshed and he was quite full!!!

here's the birthday boy having a smash!
eruptor lasted about 12 smashes
he was not as strong as previous years-only 3 layers which was good
his arms and legs fell off pretty quick though lololololol

cheers ears

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LilethProductions said...

Thank you so much really appreciate you explaining it. I'm going to try it for my sons 6th birthday party.