Saturday, April 19, 2014

messy making

nothing quite like card, glue, ink and filter paper to get you all messy
i ahve wanted to try out a look like this for a while and figured it was sunny and school holidays and the time was perfect!!!

so firstly i got an a4 piece of daffodil delight and put pva glue all over it and then ripped up the coffee filter papera dn smushed it onto the card.
then with soem ink mixed with pva and a brush i smooth it all down to get that crushed paper texture.
i used gumball green, turquoise, daffodil and olive inks
 and here's what i did with it. 
initially it was going to be a book mark but i realsied i had cut them stupidly small so made a card with them instead

flowers are made with the 3/4" circle
stamp sets used are the notable notions and gorgeous grunge

cheers ears

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