Friday, May 9, 2014

toilet paper roll mini album

in our house the toilet rolls tend to get used up rather quickly as binoculars, puppets or cat toys...
so i was lucky to snaffle these ones away before the calves got into them

a creative crew challenge this month was to make a mini album using toilet rolls
an idea i found a bit weird but tried anyways lol
 you need toilet rolls and them you have to squash them flat
i used a bone folder to get them extra flat as they were surprisingly springy
 then i prettied them up wiht high tide dsp from the seasonal catalogue.
 a couple of the sheets are these very cool ships in a bottle designs which i used as the inserts for the album which i tied around the neck with twine
 they were glued to a piece of card to go inside the roll.

 i went down to my local officeworks and got our holiday photo printed up as passport photo size 
 i stuck the photos down and added a variety of small design elements using scallop border punch, hexagon punch and small strips of card.

 i also cut out design elements from the dsp to add to the mini album pages

we had such a lovely fantastic time at the shack with our friend joy that this mini album will be a treasure to keep

cheers ears

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