Monday, May 5, 2014

ugly sweater card

i often see families wearing hideous jumpers (aka sweaters) at christmas
and marvel at their terribleness

when we were given the challenge at the creative crew this month to design a gatefold card using the scor-pal i immediately thought of said sweaters and decided to re-create one using the scor-pal
and figured it would be an interesting wya to showcase the scor-pals many uses

 so here you can see i have used all three plates-metric, 
diagonal (red) 
and the borders plate
 i also added some bakers twine to try and get that knitted look going.
there is some white gel pen on some of the score lines-i swapped them around so some are sticky out adn some are sticky in iykwim?
 plus some little punch circles (cupcake punch) and some white craft ink to help those sore lines pop out a bit.
the jumper is the "gate" in the gate fold design.
you can also see the metric scor-pal plate in the vertical lines on the white card

hope your christmas jumpers are nicer than this!!

cheers ears

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