Friday, July 18, 2014

undefined fun

i LOVE the undefined kit from stampin up
i LOVE the flexibility to amke exactly the stamp i am after.
 i needed a geeky love note
so i made a dalek card 
and the letters were done with the alphabet rotary stamp

here are a few more daek cards using the stamp combined with the real su stamp sets as well

 my son adores lego adn so do a lot of his friends
so i amde this lego stamp to use on lego themed stuff
on the back of the face stamp i have written in the everything is awesome writing :)
 here is a little speech bubble i made 
before i had the opportunity to buy the 
real su stamp set with them in

 i am slightly obsesed by cows so it was a given i would make a cow stamp lol
these are my new thank you cards for customers who purchase hand made cards off me

cheers ears


Tracy Speight said...

You have inspired me to give the undefined set a go. Your cards are so cute. i love them!

Handmade at Warratahstree

Tanja said...

I don't have the undefined kit but was already doing lino cutting and eraser carving before it came out. Love the Dalek and lego stamps - I have a daughter who is a doctor who fan so you have inspired me to make some Doctor themed stamps.