Friday, August 1, 2014

doctor who card in a box

i am a complete whovian
LOVE doctor who
and it is reassuring to know i am not the only one out there!
this card was a special order made for a doctor who fan
and i had sooo much fun making it :)
this is a card in a box design
 outide is similar to the phone box
-i even managed to get the writing on the board on it
 inside i found some orange circle dsp from the sweet taffy range that was similar to the circles inside the tardis
i added a dalek to the front saying ce-le-brate!
the grey bit with the red arrows is for someone to write their well wishes on
 side of card with geronimo on it-one of the doctor's favourite sayings
i also put the gear punches on it because they remind me a lot of the galyfrian(sp?) language
 the other side says allons-y which is another favourite saying of the doctors
 view from the top looking down so you can see how it is made
 i was asked to do a matt smith doctor so hence why this guy is wearing a fez and a bow tie...because you know that bowties are cool right?
i also included the tardis console complete with glowing green light in the middle courtesy of some window sheeting and glitter and candy dots!

hope the recipient loves this as much as i do-it will be hard to send this one to its new home :)

cheers ears


Shalady said...

I can't express how much I love this card! So much fun! Your attention to detail is amazing! I KNOW the recipient is just going to love it!!!

scramptastic said...

love this card! Awesome for any whovian!

Rebecca said...

This is fantastic - love how you did the outside and your Matt Smith as well

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! Love it! I'm a huge Whovian, I love to see another crafter who's also a fan!