Sunday, August 24, 2014

slumber party invites

my daughter is having a slumber party for her birthday soon
so i made these as the invites.
 simple envelope cards with inserts.
approx 7cm across and 9cm down
with a 2cm strip across the top.
i used the very perky and bright sweet taffy dsp from stampin up

 the girl was made from a small tag punch (top), 
1"circle (face) plus word windows(hands and feet) 
and modern label (sleeves + pants). 
hair was scraps from a blossom punch. 
pillow is a decorative label punch 
with the pointy bits cut off.
mattress was approx 6.5cm x 12cm with the edges cut with a corner rounder
if you decide to case this
make sure you have her arms up or right down
otherwise she wont fit into bed :)
information about the party 
was stuck to the back of the 'mattress' the girl was stuck to.

cheers ears

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