Monday, February 2, 2015

creative blog hop

this week it is my turn for the creative blog hop!!
thanks christine!

this week i have been working on a card swap that i do every month with a group of friends including the clever miss sally 
our challenge for this month was herringbone and male birthday
can i just say that herringbone was not that easy and i found it hard to create something that was 'me'

here is what i came up with...still not entirely happy but there comes a point when you just have to let go and leave it hey?!
 a gate fold card with a herringbone design on the background using some black and white paper scraps.
in front is a rather spiffing gentleman using the age circle punch and word window for the hat, 1' and 3/4" circle punches for the monocle (punch the 3/4"first and then the 1" around the hole), and heart punch for his moustache
 inside i have used my rotary stamp for the sentiment
 here's a view of the herringbone pattern using scraps of dsp.
to make it i cut 1cm strips of dsp out. i stuck wide dst to the card and then slowly stuck down the strips
 when i finished making those i had another go at another herringbone card because i was not enjoying the process. this time i tried it on a circle just for kicks lol as you do. 
not entirely happy with this one either but wanted a crack at something different using the technique.
 here you can see all the different layers on the card.....and how wonky my sticking things on straight is lmao

now for the questions....
What are you working on now?
i  am currently designing some adult punch art classes utilising the owl punch in unusual ways. i also have another blog hop coming using stuff from the latest stampin up occasions catalogue so am waiting rather impatiently for my postie to arrive so i can play. later on this month i am at a stamp camp with my new zealand stampin up family so have to make up some card swaps for that
How does your work differ from others in your genre?.
i think my stuff is probably a bit weirder and quirkier than most stampin up demos. i am a self-confessed geek and LOVE punch art so a lot of my stuff reflects that. now and again i'll do a 2 stamp flower card just to freak everyone out and then go back to my punch art quirky stuff
Why do you create what you do?
i have 4 kids...i need some creative outlet!!! otherwise i think i would go mental. i have always created stuff from the early days of making models with plastercine, mosaics, painting, to my visual arts/education degree at uni to being a stampin up demo.
How does your creative process work? 
often i will see something and want to make it in punch art. i am inspired by those around me too and am an avid pinner of ideas of interest. i will also get asked/dared to make something...south park characters, pop-up penises, minecraft creepers to name a few. i am also inspired by my kids-my eldest in particular. when i get a new punch she is always in there cutting and jiggling it around and giving me ideas of what to make with it because...shock horror...we actually use it for its intended purpose lmao

hope that was interesting
stay tuned for the next blogs in line
cheers ears

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