Saturday, October 17, 2015


there is a funny story behind these cards. i made some cards for a swap a while back and thought i had sent them to their intended address.
they didn't arrive and totes blamed oz post and nz post 
and so i decided to make some more so my swappees didn't miss out
..............seems i had let them fall down the side of my car (you know that annoying space between seat and middle console where all your crap goes) so now i have 2 cards for the same sketch lol
 i didn't have much fabric left for these ones so only added a tiny bit to them
i also turned the sketch around to accomodate my swallowtail
for the stamped image i inked the image up with markers and then sprayed the stamp with water to make it all smudged together
i added some bling because...well...damn...who needs a reason really?!!!!

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