Thursday, October 23, 2008

loooooong time-no post

Yeah well sorry about that. Blame mr flickr and our computer for that one. I have been having some issues with uploading my photos onto flickr but they are all good now so I will post quite often now seeing I have a few things to show :> But then I just realised whilst trying to get these photos uploaded that I actually don't need to flickr...duh...excuse me while I go and find my brain wont you? :>
As you might have guessed Christmas is approaching far too fast for this Crafty Cow's liking as I try and finish all those things I promised to make for people and attempt to start something for xmas. I am sure a few of you (whoever is reading this-is there actually anyone reading my ramblings?? haha) are probably in the same boat and slowly starting to stress out about all the oodles of things you want and need to get done before you sit down and relax after the Christmas BBQ aftermath.
As I said in a previous post I have been part of a Christmas tag swap with my fellow card makers over at Essential Baby. The extra challenge was embossing...YAHOO!!!! So I set to work with my mighty Cuttlebug only to break it...sob sob sob...oh woe is me. SOOOOO I got out my heat gun and embossing powder and made the two tags you see here-merry snowman and christmas baubles. Anyways I am off to play with my Stampin Up friends this weekend...a whole Saturday away from family and stamping...aaaahhhh bliss! If you want to come and join me please contact either Kim or Michelle We will be doing some inspiring Christmassy things as well as our usual amazing stuff hahahahaha! Cheers ears Don't have a cow, man. Matt Groening

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