Saturday, November 1, 2008

have you recovered from trick or treaters yet?

we were fortunate this year to recieve none-yahoo! got an excellent stash of lollipops left over to 'encourage' my kidlets to clean their rooms with hahahaha Speaking of the daughter, bless her little cotton sox, was hunting through the Stampin Up catalogue a while back and begged and implored me to buy the pretty as a princess set. I had uming and ahhhing about it for a while so her pleading sent me over. Here is a card I made with it...I added some fairy wings behind her fom vellum and also added vellum to her dress to make it more fairy and floaty and, of course, blingy. The background was done with a Illuminated wheel on versamark. Then some heat and stick was added and then dazzling diamonds to make it extra sparkley. Cheers ears Scientists tell us that the fastest animal on earth, with a top speed of 120 feet per second, is a cow that has been dropped out of a helicopter. ~Dave Barry

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Michelle said...

Ha Ha Ha! Gotta love those scientists hey! :P