Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hoot hoot hooray

and no not the stamp set. hooray for me that i sat down and did sewing for...cue loud i sewed for fun. not curtains. not cushions. not a dalmation outfit for school book week. but for fun. it was, of course, a total unmitigated disaster and my granny would have fifty fits to see such shoddy sewing techniques. but all in all i had fun and made something i would normally not even venture towards. this sock owl was made so much better by claire at craft shmaft but my attempt complete with beanie and little felt feet was a successful, if not ugly first attempt. i will be having another go during the week wiht a brighter odd sock to show off. oh and please excuse my awful awful photos of late. i ahve lost my camera somewhere around my inklings retreat weekend so i am left with the phone camera and as you can tell it is a peice of crap cheers ears

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