Friday, August 28, 2009

when your scrap box gets too big...

you have to cull or i created this time although my 6 year old has pilfered some of it for her own creative uses as well. i have had to do somethign with the box as it is starting to over flow and needs to upsize-not good jan-so these cards were all made from bits and peices from the scrap box-not bad i thought-not enough bold bright colours (probably why they are scraps lol) but servicable cards this one has some cuttlebugging in it. i have daubered over the embossing to highlight it the blue bird is some chipboard i picked up 'cheap as chips' in the bargain aisle of my local ware whare. an old card front i didn't use from a swap i did many many many moons ago more daubered embossing but with choc chip this time cheers ears

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