Monday, August 24, 2009


stitches and craft show in sydney rocked!!!!! wow is just an under statement for all the amazing stuff i saw there. i went wiht my crafty sister Kris and we were truely inspired and amazed by all the talent and gorgeous stuff we saw. we are also feeling slightly poorer too but we wont worry about that too much lol this lady jodie was amazing she did an awesome talk about blogging which we thoroughly enjoyed and i did almost wet my pants at some stage i think because i was giggling a bit too much!!! i bought a very cute outift for katie off this lady her baby stuff was just so darn cute and adorable and pink. i also drooled at this stall OMG. i think i am in love with her owls. i mihgt even be subverted to the art of weird would that be??!!lol this lady had some cool cards and cufflinks this stuff rocked and that was only a few of the amazing things we saw but we are inspired now so keep a look out for our terrific tuesday craft nights. come along to see what we are making. this week we are making sock owls because of the alarming amount of odd sox we have at our hosue and thanks to claire at craft shmaft we have finally found a perfectly valid use for them all


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Clare, I feel honoured to have *almost* convinced you to sew!

Crafty Cow said...

hahahahaha thanks claire

Jodie said...

oooh, I bought the owl kit as well - how could you not ??? They were the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!
It was so nice to kinda sorta meet you and I am sorry if I made you wee your pants a bit. I promise to be very serious and boring next time we meet !