Wednesday, October 28, 2009

from little things big things grow

lalalalalalala it's quite a catchy tune that advert. just don't ask me what it is about lol. super fund i think? a quickie tonight oohh aahh 3 cards from 1 idea. last year i went to an inklings retreat and we made a few card in boxes. the original is one of these-whose it is i am not sure (please can anyone tell me?)-but i got it out of my christmas card pile today and decided to play with the features as i really liked them. here are the results......


Michelle said...

Oooh!! That's mine sweetpea!
The top one is the 'original' design with Clare-flair added :)
Love the acetate version, might have to pull this set out again and have a play
xx michelle

Crafty Cow said...

yay! so glad it is yours :>