Tuesday, October 27, 2009

did you know?

that christmas is coming? really truely just in case you didn't notice all the big dangley christmas decorations at your local mall i thought i had better remind you lol and you know what that means don't you? getting organised for it and all that involves-the good the bad and the ugly. for us mcilhattons we are running away to new zealand to spend time with family. this will be my second christmas without my mum and being back home in the loving embrace of that extended family is what is needed for that lonely soul. so it means here at campbelltown central i am having to be organised early cos i seriously need to get things made before i go and pack them up. hence why i am busy making christmas cards. some are for me, some are orders for customers and some are for demos for workshops. here are a few ideas... the whole "let's make everything match" thing that people like. here is a bag, tag and card. you could also do a decoration and cracker-those will be added in later when i get around to doing them lol. below are some close up shots of them. i have also been fooling around with non-traditional colours for xmas. i mean, c'mon people, that whole green and red and white thing can get boring after a while..not to mention uses a whole heap of those colours up and you have to buy more...wait..hang on..that is sooo not a bad thing....lol anyways here are some cards in the theme of white...bland boring plain old white....but i like the crispness and cleaness and, dare i say, wholesomeness of it... one i have gone with texture and sued the cuttlebug to emboss the background. the other one i have used silver embossing powder wiht a touch of dazzling diamonds to add some sparkle to a simple card. okies cheers ears


Kelly said...

Congratulations! I just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Yahoo Group Late Night Stamper’s blog finds of the day for Oct. 28. Want to receive your own copy of the blog finds of the day? Join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stampinuplnstampers/

Crafty Cow said...

wow! cool guys. that rocks! thank you for the honour