Friday, October 16, 2009

punch art people

tuesday night was craft night and although we were supposed to be making christmas cards we ended up playing with the punches and my scrap box and made these little beauties.
here they all are-santa, ballerina, bea, lady bug, and of course, the girls. we wanted to make more but sick kids meant home sweet home for my friends.
i stuffed up the eyes on this one and she looked a bit demented-probably school holidays had been too much for her lol so i added some googley eyes which made her slightly less demented and cuter
here are the punches i used and how i made i made the little girls. you will need: 1" circle punch 1-1/4" circle punch word window round tab spiral punch i cut the word window one in half for the legs and when i stuck them down onto the dress i used one wide strip of dst. the fringe on their hair was doen wiht those special fancy scissors you bought heaps of when you first start out and then never use because they get a bit know the kind...i bet you are like me and have them on a shelf somewhere hahahahahaha these dolls were made by staci-oiur resident 11 year odl who we get to test out cool things like this out on to see if they are girl fiendly....i secretly think she quite likes being the subject of experimental testing lol. these are all little mini mes of her besties....aren't they just the cutest-i really like the way she did the shoes originally i was inspired by my su sister ryn with her china dolls. she challenged us during a cybercrop for the inklings and i promised her that i would make hence my interest in punch art
i am still in the search for punch art aliens...ryn has done an excellent job of inspiring me (THANK YOU RYN!!!!). if you have made a punch art alien please drop me a line and show me what you have blog candy for all examples :>


Carolyn Gibbs said...

Well, you can check out my blog for the alien cards I made using SU punches... I've done a bit more research and might try a few slightly more conventional aliens, so stay tuned Mrs Crafty Cow!

Kim Score said...

Check out my punch art alien.