Thursday, October 15, 2009

new camera and new photos

finally i have got the camera, taken loads of photos and have figured out how to upload the images all without blowing anything up or destroying anything-woot! go me!! sooowhere to start? well these are pretty darn cool i think these cards were made for a client who wanted pink/burgendy girly birthday cards for 45+ women......
a bit of cuttlebugging, rikrak, stampin up wheel and some cute little wooden flowers.
some pretty sparkley paper a big 3d flower at the top made from some balsa wood flower with a selection of stampin up flower and circle punches
my favourite love heart stamp with some ribbon and spotty paper
here i coloured in a cake stamped image with glitter-very sparkley. the flower paper is embossed and i ahve stuck some pins at the top
ooops wrong way up but you get the picture! stamped on with versamark and coloured in with chalks. flower is really ugly on other side (blue checks) so coloured it in wiht matching chalk colours and added some lace and velvet ribbons
okies back another day with more cheers ears

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