Saturday, November 28, 2009

all aboriginal

this week i have been playing with a set i don't own but have borrowed from my local women's centre. Their local aboriginal women's group had purchased the All Aboriginal stamp set from me and wanted some inspiration on how to use it. It is an awesome set to use and gives you plenty of scope to play with colours and textures and tones with a totally Australian feel. I think it is perfect for making cards to send overseas and if you are at the local craft markets and want to target tourists who want local hand made crafts. These book marks were made from some basic black card stock with some white embossing done with seeing spots and polka dot punches. Then i daubered some earth elements ink all over the stamp, did a "huff" and stamped it down onto very vanilla. then carefully with our fabulous scissors i cut them out. I added some matching ribbon to tie it all together. my dream card involves a lot of colour. i daubered earth element colours onto some gloss white and then added some seeing spots in white embossing. my kangaroo is coloured to match the card stock i used. i have drawn dots around the outside and written dream as i could not find dream on any of the stamp sets i own lol. this snake one was inspired by a faux reptile skin demo i saw at SU regionals done. i didn't have any paper towels so used my cuttle bug embossing folder to do the same thing. i added some crstal effects to make it shiny though rather than clear embossing powder as i had added some to the snakes already and after dropping a splodge of it onto the paper by mistake i though "oh heck may as well keep going" lol!!! i have also tied a bit of twine to the edge and added some brads my lizard is fairly simple. i just used the browns in the earth elements range to colour my lizard and then i added some crystal effects to make it shiney. however whilst ti dried over night i woke this mornign to see one of my delightful children had added some special touches to it with a water colour pen....sigh.... thankfully it was not bright pixie pink but a soothing sky blue hahahaha and i think it now compliments the card nicely. i used my cutting tool to do the wiggly bit on the side. i had to use thin sharpie to do the black dots as our basic black marker kept smudging on the copper card. feeling inspired to buy this stamp set now? feel free to contact me to purchase it for $30 only when you book a demo with me. cheers ears

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Ms said...

these are just stunning.... I absolutely love all of these cards... I don't think I've ever seen this set... Thank you for sharing your fantastic creativity