Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ballerina tutorial

woohoo here we go punch out 2 scallop circles from card stock vellum. cut along the dips in the scallops into the middle but NOT right through (or her tutu will fall apart and she will be left standing in her undies lol) glue together (after you have fluffed them up a bit) to the lavendar lace scallop circle card.get 2 word window legs and the squat heart. cut the heart down the middle glue onto the legs attach to back of tutu and arrange your legs how you want your ballerina to pose get bits for head use circle punch to cut out fringe from butterfly image stick blush blossom circle to bottom of choc chip circle. add fringe.add crescent and tiny heart to make tiara. add small choc chip circle to make bun at back of head get the rest of the word windows and long heart stick arms onto heart first then neck. then stick head down. then add dimensionals it should look like this. if you want your ballerina to have some more cleavage then move the ends of the word windows closer in and you will get a bit of boobie cleavage happening lol it should look like this when all stuck together if you are not making the mutant kind hahahaha finally get out some pens and draw in a face and some ballet strings so her shoes don't fall off phew! there we go easy peasy i now expect to see ballerinas all over the place now. if you make one please send us a link or a photo of your attempt so i can go "oh wow that is awesome" okies cheers ears


Sam said...

WOW Clare! Your ballerina punch art is fabulous. I know some little girls who would love to receive cards with this ballerina on, so I think I'll give her a try! I'll be sure to link to you and let you providing the super easy to follow and detailed tutorial.


PS. I am so glad I found your name on your blog...I really didn't want to start my post...'Dear Crafty Cow...' and was wondering what I'd say!

Crafty Cow said...

hey thanks for that sam. i love your blog-i feel quite inspired by some of your lovely punch art!!!

Sam said...

Hi Clare,

I just wanted to let you know I posted a ballerina to my blog....and linked to yours...here.