Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i have been punching some ballerinas

well not real ones just the paper kind of course..... back to the topic at hand and it is all about ballerinas. I made some a while ago and have had a bit more of a play since then. I got everyone to make some at our Sale-a-bration charity fundraiser last weekend. Hi if you are checking me out from that-please say hi!! Here is the punch sheet from that showing what bits of each punch you needed in each colour. I hope that made it easy for everyone...well no one had mutant looking ballerinas so it must have been ok hahahahaha I have used Lavendar lace, blush blossom, Chocolate chip and vellum card stock. and just so you know the love hearts are wrong wrong wrong. i cut out the wrong one-you need to cut out the squat one for the shoes and the longer one for the body I will get around to changing it i promise and here are the punches you needed (which you can, of course, buy them all from me because you know you totally NEED them all right now) please say hi and let me know how your ballerinas went cheers ears

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