Tuesday, April 13, 2010


don't you just love cupcakes?
i do especially when they are all pretty and delicous looking sometimes i don't actually want to eat them...i just want to appreciate the art in them because lets face it they are the barbie of the cake industry-all pretty and sweet the muffin is the tradie-tasty and rugged the scone is the accountant-sensible and practical my friend kris is the cupcake queen she makes the most delcious cup ckaes and i am making in desperation for her to open her cupcakes and craft shop here in campbelltown she also celebrated her birthday and i wanted to give her something special so here we go a cupcake recipe book in the shape of a cupcake of course!!! i had to add pages to the kaisercraft chip board one as i had so many recipes. just use one of the baords as a template and cut it out-easy! i added supernova glitter via a 2-way glue pen a girl's gotta have glitter i punched holes into the frosting of the cupcake and added ribbons to it send me a copy of your favourite cupcake recipe to recieve some blog candy!! cheers ears

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