Monday, April 12, 2010

hello little birdies!!!

gotta love the little birdies espcially the new 2 step bird punch from stampin up how cool is it?! waaaaaaaaay cool here is what i have been inspired to make with it so far a simple card with a circle cut out in the middle with the bird on a branch covering it. finished off with a bit of matching ribbon this is one of the cards we made at my recent mini catalogue launch next one is the blinged up version that is actually blue brocade grosgrained coloured in to match the colour of the bird the flowers have tiny blue diamnates in them (sssssh not su) finally here is the 3d version a la bird house with 2 little robin red breasts complete with daubered shingles and feathered details and leaf details and ribbon oh and did i mention the roof lifts off so that it actually ahs a purpose of being a box rather than just being pretty lol let me know what you think cheers ears


Anonymous said...

What do I think? I think I love them all - especially that birdhouse!!

Michelle said...

Far out Clare! Stunning! You and Amanda Hall would get on like a (bird) house on fire.

BTW, I can't find my melon mambo spotty ribbon, you didn't end up with two lengths did you? Of course my craft room looks a bit like yours a few posts down, so don't stress if it wasn't in with your share by mistake, I need to clean up and look properly!
xx michelle

Whimcees said...

I love the red birdhouse and the robins! Beautiful! :<)

Barbara Diane